The Wilkinson First Pattern F-S Fighting Knife is a true classic in every sense of the word.  For collectors of military knives it holds a special place, this is in part due to its association with the original Special Forces, the British Commandos.  Another reason for its iconic status is the splendid quality reminiscent of times past when things were hand made by true craftsmen.  There are few variations of the First Pattern and fakes and reproductions abound. 

Please study the knives on this page as all are correct and original, they are shown here to help educate and dispel some of the many myths that surround this knife. If you happen across an example that deviates from the examples shown here be very cautious indeed.  Bellow are examples of original and correct Wilkinson Sword First Pattern F-S Fighting Knives.  Please click on the photograph to link you to the page of a particular knife.  If You have an example you would like to share here, please feel free to contact me.  To my knowledge this gallery is the most extensive collection of original First Patterns known and shared here in the hopes of education and of course enjoyment.

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~ The Wilkinson First Pattern F-S Fighting Knife ~

A Gallery Of Wilkinson First Patterns

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A Gallery Of Wilkinson First Pattern Knives
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