~ Channel Islands Militia Buttons ~

1757 - 1881

Royal Jersey Militia

Date:  1837 (worn only one year)

Acquisition Registration Number:  № 0025

Backmarks:  P&S Firmin 153 Strand London

Diameter:  21.2 mm

Weight:  5.64 grams

Notes:  One theory is that the gilt version was only used by the six (yes 6!) band sergeants - this is mentioned in an article by Nicholas B Le Cornu on ‘Uniform Buttons Of The Jersey Militia’ reprinted in "Button Lines" (Journal of the British Button Society)

3rd Royal Jersey Militia

Date:  1876 - 1881

Acquisition Registration Number:  № 0064

Backmarks:  Firmin & Sons Ltd London

Diameter:  24.9 mm

Weight:   8.25 grams

Notes: Gilt

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~ Channel Islands Militia Buttons ~


In this category I will be sharing my collection of Channel Islands Infantry Militia Buttons.  As new buttons are acquired they will initially be featured immediately below as a ‘new addition’ to the collection.  Subsequently they will be added lower down the page.  Displayed in this way, you will more easily be able to see the most recent addition along with the date of its inclusion into the collection.

If you have any questions, comments or perhaps new information about any of the buttons and/or backmarks, then I would very much like to hear from you.  Also if you have a button for sale that you feel may be a good fit for my collection, then please feel free to contact me.

Happy Collecting,


~ My Most Recent Acquisition In This Category ~


3rd Royal Jersey Militia

Acquired January of 2017

~ My Collection Of Channel Islands Militia Buttons ~


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Channel Islands

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