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~ Fake Etchings & Markings ~

‘Under Construction’

~ Fake Etchings & Markings ~


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Correct Markings

Note how the mark is STAMPED with slight inconsistencies in depth and angle of letter with the letter terminating squarely.

Fake Marking

Note how the mark is MACHINED with the letters showing perfect depth and all terminating roundly due to a machining cutter i.e. CNC machined or milling machine (possibly a Jigged Dremel?).  Whichever method was used this marking was clearly not stamped as would have been correct for a knife made by Robbins and from this period.

Another fake mark, note how poorly the letters have been machined possibly by hand and certainly not stamped.

Fake ⩚9 MoS inspection mark

Correct ⩚9 MoS inspection mark

A:  Arrow made up of more than one stamp.

B:  Arrow facing the wrong way.

C:  Arrow the wrong size & shape.

D:  #9 is the wrong font.

Fake B4 MoS inspection mark

Comparison of correct

B2 MoS inspection mark

A:  No ‘B4’ mark has ever been noted.

B:  Both markings are incorrect font.

C:  Markings are machine made and not   stamped - not how the lines terminate in a rounded end and depth is even.

Although there will always be inconsistencies and slight variety from one etching panel to the next, some general consistencies and similarities will always remain.  An example of this can be seen in the foliate area shown in the boxes (yellow for correct and red for wrong).  Note also how ‘clean’ all the borders and details are on example C, something not found on period correct etching.

The quality of the lettering in the original examples shown as ‘A’ and ‘B’ is considerably ‘less’ than that in example ‘C’, in the later the letters change in width and also contain ‘serifs’.  Such high quality appears to have been beyond the capabilities of hand-applied etchings in the 1940’s.  This is demonstrated in comparing the letter ‘D’ in example A & C (see arrows).

My conclusion is that the etching shown as example C is modern and thus fake - all be it very good, actually too good..!

Example A

Correct Etching

Example B

Correct Etching

Example C

Modern Fake Etching

Note how crisp and clean the boarders and details are, such quality is only possibly with modern techniques and was never a feature of original period Wilkinson etchings - be they 1870’s or 1940’s

Look at the high quality and detail of the letter ‘M’.  It has narrow and wide components and also well defined  ‘serifs’.  This type of details is not found on correct period lettering from Wilkinson as shown below.

Note how this correct etching letter of ‘M’ is of constant width and has no serifs.  Indeed as do all letters and numbers.

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