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~ Wilkinson First Pattern Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knives ~

Just Sold..!

Extraordinary & Historic Identified First Pattern Grouping To 1st Battalion Darby’s Rangers


Wilkinson F-S Fighting Knife Grouping to Corporal Charlie R. Coy

Price: $..Sold  (please note shipping will be charged at cost)

Ref: 8050

It rarely gets any better than this in regards a First Pattern F-S Knife with solid provenance and important historical significance.

Around two years ago I was contacted by a family who wanted support in correctly identifying a knife which belonged to a relative who serviced in the 1st Ranger Battalion ‘Darby’s Rangers’.  This ultimately resulted in me visiting the family recently as they had decided it was time to find a new and appropriate home, not just for the knife but for an incredible group of items all belonging to the same Ranger.

This entire grouping belonged to Corporal Charlie R. Coy, serial number 20705508 and consist of:

Wilkinson First Pattern F-S Fighting Knife with original scabbard.

Military issue photo identity card issued Jan 9th 1942.

Original cloth shoulder title insignia - 1st Ranger Bn.

Multiple items of ephemera and document, some original some scans.

Souvenir ‘naked lady’ dagger made in Germany.

US bayonet.

Book (tatty condition) circa 1945 a history of Darby’s Rangers and signed by the author.  This has many wonderful images inside, including photographs showing Rangers training alongside British Commandos.  One image also shows a Ranger (not Coy) wearing a First Pattern F-S.

The First Pattern has clearly been carried and used.  The blade is full length, just shy of 6¾”, showing sharpening marks throughout.  The etchings are faded but readable.  The pommel nut shows markings consistant with it being tightened but this was clearly done a very long time ago, so likely during WWII.  Overall finish is a dull grey indicating that this is original and has not been cleaned.  Scabbard has the normal modifications associated with period wear (button hole, cut wings and extended slits for wear on the web belt).  This knife is direct from the family and has never been in a collection.  A truly incredible and historical grouping to a US 1st Bn Ranger NCO who trained and fought with British Commando, it really doesn’t get much better than this.