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An Interesting So-Called ‘See-Through’ Gripped Fighting Knife With Sheath


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For Sale

An Interesting So-Called ‘See-Through’ Gripped Fighting Knife

Price: $600

Shipping charged at a flat rate of $15 for the US and $35 for international

Ref: 8105

A good example of this rare pattern of fighting knife, the grip having two large channels machined lengthways giving reason for these being colloquially named a ‘See-Through’ gripped knife, despite it clearly not bing, see through that is.  Very slight movement to the grip, hardly noticeable but mentioned for full disclosure.  Overall length 13½” with a blade length of 9¼”.  Interesting markings on the sheath, the letters likely being the owners initials.  Also the grip is stamped U.S.A. with another S at a different angle.

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