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When time allows and as inspiration strikes I enjoy writing the occasional article for publication, most of which have been featured in Knife Magazine (formerly Knife World).  Some of these published articles are of topics already shared on this site, while others are either potential future projects and/or stand alone articles.

Occasionally I have collaborated on articles with my dear friend Brian Moyse (see adjacent photo).  With great sadness I must report that Brian died on Wednesday 25th January 2017.  Brian and I were working on a current and important F-S article which I will now finish in his honor and all being well will be published in due course.  This latest article will be a great tribute not only to Brian but to his tenacity and dedication to F-S history.  I will miss him deeply.

For reference, I have created this page so the reader can more easily navigate to those articles that have previously been published should they wish to read them in their original (published) format.  I must give tremendous credit to my ever-suffering personal editor - my dear wife Deborah - who continues to educate me in the literary arts and perpetually makes me look good..!

To navigate to an article of interest, please click on one of the links above which will direct you to the dedicated page.  If you have any questions on a particular article or topic, then please don’t hesitate to contact me, my email link being at the top left of the page.

Happy collecting,

Roy .
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Published Articles Archive

~ Published Articles Archive ~


Roy Shadbolt

Roy Shadbolt (left) with his dear friend and co-author Brian Moyse (right) 1942 - 2017.

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