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Wilkinson Third Pattern F-S Knives For SaleWilkinson_Third_Pattern_Fairbairn_Sykes_Fighting_Knives_For_Sale.html

Astonishing Rare Circa 1964 SAS Stores Held/Admiralty Contract Third Pattern F-S


SAS Stores Held 1964 Admiralty Contract Third Pattern F-S

Price: $

Ref: 7127

Circa 1964 Admiralty contract Third Pattern F-S.  Post war stores codes of FR639/271 respectively, used for the 1964 Admiralty contract.  Originally only two examples were known, one held in the Enfield Pattern Room and one pattern knife at Wilkinson Sword but a few years ago some examples were acquired via the store room at the SAS base in Hereford.  The knife appears near unused, having only light loss of finish to parts of the blade.  Blade full length of 6⅞”.  No makers mark but likely by Wilkinson as they fulfilled the 1964 contract.  A classic wartime pattern Wilkinson scabbard - these were used many years after the war by Wilkinson but had to replace the elastic retaining straps due to deterioration.  A rare find indeed.

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