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Alt #1:  This is to widen the overall profile of the bars by 2 inches.  To be done at the base where they mount.

I want this done along the bottom of the bars where they fit to the risers.  The bars have a knurled section to grip under the risers, so these need to remain in place if at all possible on the finished bars.

Alt #2 (a & b):  

a:  Remove a 1 inch section to reduce hight.

b:  Rotate the grip area slightly forward by 2½ inches (expressed at the ends), so as to NOT have the grips 'swept' back so much.

I think a & b should be done by cutting somewhere centrally along the vertical section, removing 1 inch and rotating as needed (left grip clockwise, right grip counter-clockwise) and re-welding.

Mock-up image of finished bars below showing Alt 1 & 2a (2b shown further down)

Adding 1 inch each side of clamp knurling to increase overall width by 2 inches

Removing 1 inch from either side to reduce overall hight by 1 inch

And rotate grips forward by 2½ inches (at ends) so as not to be swept back so much

See pic below for this last adjustment

Alt 2b  rotation of both left & right grips to a more forward position

2½ inches

original grip position

new grip position