Hi Roy,

It’s arrived…it’s gorgeous.  Awesome packing and wrapping.  Thank you Roy, I’m a very happy collector.


Conrad Giles , United Kingdom, September 2019


Dear Roy,

In over 65 years of collecting this is my first 1st. Pattern and I quite love what old soldiers do with their kit ! We've seen it often,            

Many thanks my friend, I look forward to buying more from you, you’re a first rate fellow with outstanding service. Please feel free to put this on your noticeboard if I can't find a reply on feedback or whatever its called.


Thank you again. Kindest regards,


Richard Ashley, United Kingdom, July 2019


Hi Roy.

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to you now as my F-S knife arrived this afternoon.  I have never owned one of these and I'm thrilled to add it to my collection!!  You have a happy collector and customer in Canada!!!


Mark Pickard, Canada, August 2017


Hello Roy,


I just want to let you know that I have received the FS Knife today. This is really a wonderful knife  - a real eye catcher. Thank you very much.It is always

a pleasure to deal with you and I hope to deal with you in the future.


Warm regards,

Manfred Brum, Germany, August 2017


Hi Roy and good evening,

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up today an absolute pristine Wilkinson F-S knife which is now part of my collection !!   I'm absolutely over the moon with the knife and the service you provided. I'm astonished at the condition of the knife, my son was present when I opened the package and he too was amazed.  Your packaging is the highest quality I've seen and together with your fantastic covering letter, I can't thank you enough for an outstanding professional service that you provide.

Cheers Roy and I look forward to adding more items to my collection from you soon ,

Paul Coleman, United Kingdom November 2016.


Hi Roy,

The F-S Knife arrived here 30 minutes ago and I almost fainted from how nice it is!!!!!  Even the exterior box was packaged up in a way that made it seem like I was unpacking a Rolex!  You certainly do deliver a masterful product and the knife is so far beyond my expectations I can't truly express how I feel right now.  Your pictures certainly don't do the knife justice (no offense Roy).  

You are absolutely right about leaving all of it alone and untouched as the brightness of the blade and so very slight discoloration looks so natural to the blade it looks like this belongs in a museum!  The etchings are clearly visible and easily readable too.  

This is exactly the knife that I would have wanted if I could have chosen one from among 100 or more F-S Fighting knives all displayed together.......I wouldn't have thought about a different one for me......absolutely a perfect fit!

All the very best,

Bill  Stewart, USA September 2016.


Dear Roy,

Please find one very happy recipient of a 2nd pattern FS knife. Arrived this morning safe and sound. The photographs did not do it justice and I am over the moon with it. I would also like to thank you for your willingness to share your experience and knowledge with a total newcomer to the world of the FS knife collector, it has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance and I look forward to adding to my collection in the future. 

King regards,

David Breakwell, United Kingdom June 2016.


Just a few lines to express my gratitude to Roy.

I recently came into unexpected ownership of a rare FS Fighting Knife.  Knowing nothing about these knives, I found Roy's website after a few internet searches, so contacted him for info and advice with regard to selling the knife.  Roy was very friendly, professional, swift to answer any questions or queries and allay any fears I had.  I posted the knife to him, which he cleaned up and presented for sale. He found a buyer for the knife almost immediately, keeping me informed at every step, with the deal being completed in days.  I doubt I'll ever get my hands on another FS Knife ever again, but I wouldn't hesitate to contact Roy, if I did! 

A true gent.

Adele Gorman, United Kingdom May 2016.


Hello Roy,

I just wanted to inform you that the knife arrived safe and sound.  I must say, I was totally impressed with how meticulously it was packaged and labelled along with the personalized letter to accompany the knife purchase, a very nice touch indeed.  Your customer service is second to none!  Buying from you has been a very pleasant experience, I will definitely recommend you to others.  I have dealt with many dealers over the last 20 years and unfortunately not all what I would consider a good experience.  In fact, many could take a few lessons from you.  I am extremely pleased with the knife!

Cheers from Canada,


Coogan Wilson, Canada July 2015.


Wow Roy - you're the man!!!

Just a quick note to confirm I have received the money via PayPal from my recent consignment and to say thanks again for an impressive service.

Best regards,


Tom Ward, United Kingdom March 2015.


Dear Roy,

I am delighted to report that the newest addition to my 'F-S' collection has just arrived!  A really lovely example of a third Pattern 'F-S' just as you described.

Many Thanks,

Howard Harvey, United Kingdom January 2015.


Hi Roy,

A little old lady just knocked at the door and left a box!  W-o-w!  Beyond words Roy!  Both are beautiful! The First Pattern is incredible!!!  Professionally packaged with a professional letter.  Most excellent Roy!!  Much appreciated.

Cheers Mate, made my day.

Pat Stevens, USA December 2014.


Hi Roy! 

The knife is everything I expected and more.  Will be the first of many from you.  Just beautiful! 

Your expertise and lightning fast assistance to all my questions regarding this knife made this as pleasurable as can be. 

Thank you for your dedication in keeping this history alive both physically and by word. 

James Hudson, USA July 2014


Good evening Roy,

Just to let you know I received the knife today the packaging you used was very secure the knife arrived very fast to the UK and in perfect condition.  I am pleased to say I'm 100% happy with it as it was exactly as you described, thank you for all your help and advice  regarding my questions about the knife and may I say I look forward to contacting you in the future regarding the purchase of some other items.

Many thanks.

Thomas Smyth, London England July 2014


Hi Roy - Good news!  My knife was delivered this morning!  Hallelujah!  I had read in the testimonials on your website about how beautifully you package items for shipment, and that was certainly the case with my knife.  Just beautiful.  So much care taken.  I really appreciate that sort of thing.  And a wonderful letter on lovely stationery to accompany it.  I'm glad to have that information in writing.  Now, regarding the knife itself - it's extraordinary.  Even better than I thought it would be.  I could not be more pleased. The knife and it's matching scabbard are both in remarkably good condition. And as you know, markings on the knife and scabbard show them to be a matched pair.  I think that makes them even more special.  All in all, I believe what I have is a real treasure, and I cannot thank you enough for providing me the opportunity to acquire such a fine example.

Many thanks, Roy.

Best regards,

David Junker, USA May 2014


Hi Roy

Hope you and yours are well.

Just a note to say the knife arrived today. What a beauty! Very pleased.

All the best


John Williams, United Kingdom May 2014


Hi Roy,

I just received the knife today.  Fantastic, I love it!!!  It will make a very interesting addition to my collection and it will have a wonderful new home.  Thanks again Roy, it’s always a pleasure to deal with you. 

Best regards, Bill.

Bill Putko, Canada March 2014


Good morning Sir,


WOW, I am just blown away with your package...Very impressive, the best I have ever seen or received or will ever receive from any body.  I really didn't want to unwrap it, it was just incredible beautiful!.  I wasn't even anxious to see the knife, so impressed with the package, Beverly Hills style and above....


Where did you learn to pack like that? that must have been time consuming, but very much appreciated sir!...  WOW!...


Finally had the courage to gently unwrap the box to see my latest knife, then to find an envelope, another WOW....thought it was an invitation to the Academy awards or something....That too, really left a huge impression on me.  Roy, you are unbelievable...First class all the way....now I see why others have complemented you on your packaging!!!!!!


Thank you for all the care and time you have taken in packaging this item, I can not put that in words.....simply the BEST!


Have you noticed, I bragged more about your wrapping than the knife I purchased...:))))).


The knife is great, Thank you sir!  Wishing you all the best!...  God Bless!


Regards, Joe.

Joe Nader, USA March 2014.


Hello Roy


Just a few lines to say a massive thank you for your time and experience and mostly your advice, it has been invaluable.  As a new collector  I have to rely on someone prepared to give their time you have done that and more.  Also thank you for a very pleasant transaction with the KBAR, I could not be happier or until I buy my next one from you which I am sure will be soon.


Thank you


Graham Myers, United Kingdom February 2014.


Hello Roy,

I just wanted to write you a little note to say my recent purchases have arrived safely.  Wow..!  Even better than imagined!

Great stuff, thanks again.

Jeff Diamond, USA January 2014.


Cher Roy,

C'est avec  beaucoup de plaisir que j'exprime ma satisfaction la plus complète en ce qui concerne mes achats auprès de votre site.

Nouveau client j'ai été séduit par votre gentillesse et votre inestimable connaissance sur les couteaux. Je vous ai sollicité pour des avis sur des couteaux à moi et vous avez répondu à mes appels avec rapidité et une extrême courtoisie. Je vous en remercie vivement!

Par ailleurs la qualité de vos colis postaux vous fait honneur.

Je reviendrai vers vous avec beaucoup de plaisir

Très cordialement

Jean-claude THEVES  France


Dear Roy,

It is with great pleasure that I express my fullest satisfaction regarding my purchases from your site.

New customer I was impressed by your kindness and invaluable knowledge about knives. I asked you for advice on knives me and you answered my calls quickly and with extreme courtesy. Thank you very much!

Moreover, the quality of your parcel you honor.

I come to you with great pleasure


Jean-claude Theves, France August 2013.


Hi Roy,

Just a note to say thanks for the 'Wilkie', superb example!  Thanks for keeping me on the watch list!  Any others, I'd be happy to buy.

Thanks & kind regards,

Alan Pattison, United Kingdom May 2013.


Dear Roy,


We wish to  express our deepest thanks regarding the recent sale of my partner’s late father’s Wilkinson Beasley F-S Dagger. We had received nothing but negative responses from UK dealers and it was only the knowledge, patience and experience exhibited by you that made us decide to sell the dagger.  When it came to posting and selling it you made the process extremely easy and we were delighted the sale went so quickly and efficiently.  We have no reservations in recommending you to anyone buying or selling such items.  We offer you our best wishes and continued success and will contact you if we have occasion in the future


Best Wishes


Graham Goodge, United Kingdom May 2013.  On behalf of June (daughter of the original owner) and himself.


Hi Roy

I meant to drop you a line earlier just to say both knives arrived safe and sound last month. Very impressed with them - they're superb and exactly as you described.

Best regards

Kevin Dann, United Kingdom April 2013


Hi Roy,

The knife arrived today, I am very very pleased with it, as you said the blade is mint!

The packaging was as usual excellent.

Many thanks indeed.

Martin Cook, United Kingdom April 2013


Hi Roy,


Thank you; I'm thrilled to have it.  It's been a pleasure, as usual, dealing with you.  You know, you have that rare quality of making me feel like I'm dealing with one of my buddies, instead of dealing with a vendor.  It's been a lot of fun;  like you, I love these deals where everybody wins and comes out happy.


Have a great weekend!


Rey Marsella, USA February 2013


Hi Roy,

Just a quick note to tell you that the knife arrived today.  And I am over the moon with it !!! It's a beauty.  Condition is better than I expected.

Thanks again and all the best to you and yours,

Dave Ryan, United Kingdom January 2013


Greetings Roy,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your consistent “customer first” attitude. Whether it was developing a payment plan enabling me to own a very rare USS Omaha V42, a pristine 2nd Pattern Commando knife, or providing documentation on the provenance of a particular Clements Knuckle Knife’s previous wartime owner, (long after the knife was purchased) has always pleasantly surprised me in how much effort you place in your holistic relationship with me as a customer.

I look forward to many more years as a completely satisfied customer.

My Warmest Regards,

Lance T. Dyckman, USA November 2012



J 'ai bien reçus votre dague aujourd'hui, je suis surpris de la rapidité d'envoi!

Je suis vraiment content car cette dague est vraiment conforme aux photos, rien n'a été caché, elle est vraiment très belle!

De plus le prix est vraiment très correct, honnête! Un grand merci a vous pour votre sérieux. En espérant faire de nouvelles affaires avec vous.





I have well received your dagger today, I'm surprised at how fast sending!

I'm really happy because this is really consistent with dagger photos, nothing was hidden, it is really beautiful!

In addition, the price is really correct, honest! A big thank you to you for your professionalism. Hoping to further business with you.


Benoit Monnier, France November 2012


Hello Roy,


The Gregory Steel Australian Stiletto arrived today hassle free, and appeared to be un-opened by customs.  I would like to thank you for the excellent job you performed on the delivery of this knife and of the the way it was packed and labelled.


Hope to do business again.


Regards and best wishes


Bob Stone, Australia November 2012


Hello Roy my dear friend,

I got the Wilkinson F-S knife with personal etching today!  Excellent knife and even better "in the hand" than on your pictures.

Thank you.

Olof Jansen, Sweden November 2012


Hi Roy.....just a quick email to say all arrived as expected and a superb item. Many thanks and I'll keep checking your site for more later.....

All the best

Gary, United Kingdom November 2012


Hi Roy,

I Just wanted to thank you and let you know that the Greg Steel Stiletto arrived safe and sound, it’s always nice when the knife arrives in much better condition that you perceived from the photos.  Very VERY happy with it, and I can’t thank you enough for your patience and assistance in getting this very rare veteran back on home soil.


All the best, and I’m sure we will be dealing again.


Mike Maison, Australia November 2012


Hi Roy,


Unbelievably, I received the knife today.  I love it--thank you!

I cannot say enough good things about You and your website keeps getting better and better.  Soon it will be THE authority online on F/S knives. Well done, my friend! 

Rey Marsella, USA October 2012


Hi Roy,


Just for once I'm not sure where to start!  I got home from work yesterday just in time to see the Postman walking up the path with a long promising looking package.  As I wasn't really expecting the knife for a few more days at least, there was only a little hope in the back of my mind that it had arrived but sure enough there it was days earlier than I'd expected. Suffice to say I'm absolutely delighted with it. Although new to collecting, I've been admiring/studying these knives for years and this is by far the nicest example i've come across. You were so right when you said you can feel the age on knives like this yet at the same time its in lovely condition. If anything its nicer than i expected, and I expected a lot.


You know Roy, I usually make a very quick judgment on things and without sounding boastful in my opinion I'm Usually pretty good at gauging things (my wife would argue). My point being that this whole transaction felt right from the off. From the Help you gave me with the payment options to the fact you kept up communication even after payment had been completed (something all too many people don’t bother to do!). You never made me feel rushed or pressured and you don’t now how much i appreciate that. Now the F/S arrives 3 days earlier than I expected and in better condition, I really couldn't have asked for anything more.

I can honestly say that you have you made me feel that not only have I found someone who I can trust to help me continue with my fledgling hobby but also the whole transaction has felt like a warm welcome to the knife collecting community.


Again thanks for everything. You're a gentleman.

Jamie Prince, England October 2012


Hello Roy

I have received the 2 daggers and I am very satisfied as usual.

It is always a pleasure to work with you.

Bernard Salvada, France October 2012


Hi Roy,

The 3rd pattern arrived yesterday and I wanted you to know that it was delivered securely and safely. The packaging is very well done. The dagger is superb and now, for me, completes the "full set" of wilkinson FS patterns. I have attached a photo for your interest. Thanks again and kind regards.

Tam McFarlane, United Kingdom September 2012


Good Day Roy,


I have been doing some organizing and light maintenance with my knives today and was reminded of the great many pieces I have found on your site over the time we’ve been doing business together.


Before I contacted you that first time, I would not have thought it possible to find a site which provides such access to so many fine examples of rare Wilkinson Sword and other military fighting knives, as well as books, insignia, and related unique artifacts. I also consider the information on your handsome website a great reference in helping me make the best decisions on the pieces I have purchased from you. All our communications back and forth go so smoothly, and your occasional suggestions have been thoughtful and typically ‘spot on’. My pieces arrive in good time, usually ahead of schedule, beautifully and carefully packed, paperwork complete and accurate every time.


You really do go the extra distance in making our dealings so pleasurable and easy and I just had to write to say “Thank You, Roy!” I love every piece I have had the pleasure and good fortune to receive from you, and I look forward to more of the same in the future. You’re a great resource and you put in a strong effort.


Many thanks, Roy.


Art Tyler, Canada September 2012



The >B2 marked F-S knife  arrived today safe and sound.

Excellent packaging - my wife was very impressed!

The knife is exactly as you described and I am extremely happy with it.

I have always been reluctant to buy without first handling a knife/ bayonet, but your photos, description and expertise reassured me.

Martin Cook, United Kingdom August 2012

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all those clients, consigners and collectors, who have so generously allowed me to share their kind words of support here on the testimonials page.  If You have comments you would like to share, feel free to email me.

Happy collecting,

Roy .
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