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~ The Personal Etched Blade ~


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~ The Wilkinson F-S Knife Personal Etching Register ~

A Catalogue Of Those F-S Fighting Knives With Personal Etchings

One of the most interesting features occasionally found on Wilkinson F-S Knives is the adornment of a personalized etching banner or panel applied to the blade. Normally this took the form of the buyers name within an ornate scroll or panel, however other details were sometime included and in the case of war-time F-S Fighting Knives this could be the owners rank, service number, a date and or location.  This was an option offered to customers when visiting the Wilkinson showroom at 53a Pall Mall, London. 

If time allowed, this service was offered to anyone privately purchasing or pick up an officially issued knife (via the ‘chit’ system).  The cost for this ‘personal’ etching service (during WWII) was 1/6 (one shilling and six pence) around $7.60 or £4.75 in today’s currency).  It was possible to specify some details to be etched onto the blade and this was normally done within a scrolled banner.  Not all of these ‘scrolled banners’ are identical as a few different versions have been noted.  Personally etched panels can be found on all patterns of F-S Fighting Knives, although the vast majority are to be found on the Second Pattern F-S, as First and Third Pattern knives with such etchings are extremely scarce.

A typical banner etching panel named to ‘ARTHUR G. SCHRADER’.  We do not know who Mr Schrader was but it is likely he was one of the many US soldiers based in and around London just prior to D-Day as such options were popular amongst US servicemen.

This page has been created to showcase those knives that show a unique personal etching and to create somewhat of a register to record these individually unique Wilkinson F-S Fighting Knives, remembering of course that many of these knives carry the name of a fighting man who felt it important to have His name immortalized on His knife.  Most of the knives shown below also have their own page which can be navigated to by clicking on the chosen etching.  Sadly it is a fact that most of these knives have now become detached from their original owners and the memory of their brave deeds and sacrifices.  Of course having the forethought to have their name etched on the blade means at least we can once again speak their name and remember their service and sacrifice ‘lest we forget’.

Brown with age and very fragile, this etching order along with one other example known, represent the only two Wilkinson etching orders to have survived.  This order if for the Giles/Lee knife below and consequently is the only example in existence of a knife where the original order request still exists.

~ The Personal F-S Etching Register ~


   First Patterns

‘J. Herratt’



   Second Patterns


   Third Patterns

‘C.A. Harper’

‘Hank Fieberg . 36266305’

‘John De P.T. Hill’

‘Victor H. Borcherdt’

‘Lt Grady L. Simpson’

‘G.H.D. Agland’

‘Amos H. Gerding’

‘Angelo M. Marcantonio’

‘B 81884 P.T.E. Smith G.M.’ *

‘A.A. Harrington’

‘E.A. Dunlop’

‘Harold A. Helin’

‘Norman Frost’

‘From Mary’s Own’

‘R.C. Nielsen’

‘William A. Flynn’

‘ “JOE” ’

‘Howard Johnson’

‘Theodore Lakowske’

‘J.H. Strother’

‘Raymond S. Eyer London 42’

‘L.W. Smith’

‘E.H. Wright’

‘Merle H. Edwards’

‘Colonel F.A. Mayer U.S. Army’

‘Jos F. Vandenboom’

‘C.H.D. Agland’

‘Dad From Bud And Jean London 1944’

‘Lt William B. Adams’

‘Major Ben Lyon A.A.F. London 43’

‘Capt Eli Smith 25th Dec 1943’

‘Lieut G.L. Papple’

‘W.H. Stent’

‘Jim Tillou’

‘Arthur D. Schrader’

‘Dave Grayson’

‘Lt William B. Adams’

‘Wilbur D. Anderson 36730815’

‘Ina A. Marsh’

‘Frederic Hynes U.S.A. A.A.F’

‘W.F. Cochrane’

‘Martin J. Proff’

‘Sol Dolgin’

‘H.G. Avey’

‘J.D. Richardson RAAF’ *

‘Kenneth P. Coan’

‘William A. Sheehan’

‘Jack L. Warner’

‘R.S. Shepard Eng 1944’

‘W.N. (Bill) Tier’

‘Jud Nesbitt’

‘John Doviak - London 1943’

‘To Darling Pessy’ *

‘Fabian Harshaw’

‘Art Ross III’

‘W.A. de Graves’

‘Joseph J. Stein’

‘F. Pratten’


‘Adrian A. Jones Gordon Pennsylvania’

‘H.G. Giles From M.P. Lee’ (KRRC) *

‘Lt W.A. Jenkins’

‘Herbert H. T. Robaugh’

‘R. C. L. 1943’

‘Irvin R. Kolp’


‘Seaman J.W. Burnside’

‘William Purvis’

‘W.C. Shannon R260930 R.C.A.F.’

‘Sam Newman’

‘Sgt Brewster M. Truth’ *

The F-S Personal Etching Register

( This symbol  *  denoted extra etching details available)

The Very Last Wilkinson F-S KnifeThe_Last_Wilkinson_Fairbairn-Sykes_Fighting_Knife.html


I do have details of two other First Patterns with personal etchings that I do not have permission to show here.

If you have an example you would like to share, then please let me know - as is evident, these are quite rare indeed.

Variations Of The F-S KnifeVariations_Of_The_Fairbairn-Sykes_Fighting_Knife.html
The Wilkinson First Pattern F-SThe_Wilkinson_First_Pattern_Fairbairn-Sykes_Fighting_Knife.html
The Wilkinson Second Pattern F-SThe_Wilkinson_Second_Pattern_Fairbairn-Sykes_Fighting_Knife.html
The Wilkinson Third Pattern F-SThe_Wilkinson_Third_Pattern_Fairbairn-Sykes_Fighting_Knife.html

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