NZ Knives

Peter Parkinson  is  a  long time friend  and master
knife maker.   Peter  makes some of  the very finest
modern renditions of the classic F-S Fighting Knife.
Knife World Magazine

A long time subscriber of this magazine,   I always 
find myself reading it cover to cover.     Whether a 
knife collector, user or enthusiast it’s a must read.

A long time member of the forum.  If you have an interest in military insignia this is the site for you, fully of knowledgable gentleman always willing to share there experience.
Australian Military Knives

Run by John Kroezen a long time friend, Australian Military Knives is a superb website for this topic and well worth a visit.
Commando Veterans Association

Please visit and support this important website
dedicated to all who have served in
the role of ‘Commando’.
Arms Research
The Wilkinson Sword Archive
The Webley & Scott Archive

Richard Milner offers this superb resource for collectors.
If you have a serialized Wilkinson knife, sword or gun 
this should be your fist stop for helpful and professional service.

Sell My Militaria

Andy is a long time friend and has help me on numerous occasions.  A great chap to work with and an honest trader, check out his website.


For anyone interested in edged weaponry this is a superb forum to meet like minded individuals.  Run by my good friend Mark McMorrow who has a wealth of knowledge and experience on this topic.


If you want to see and own original footage of Fairbairn teaching his craft then my friend Rick Owens is your man.  Rick has done a grand job of making this vintage footage available for all.

This wonderful ‘collectors’ website is run by my friend Chris Cole who has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this fascinating area.  If you are interested in military compasses or just compasses in general this is the place to go.


This great website is run by Greg Pfeiffer and is a fascinating source for anyone interested in old British guns with lots of well written and detailed articles.

Old British Guns

DBG Militaria

DBG Militaria is run by my good friend Dave Glover who aside from his broad knowledge on many aspects of militaria  is a passionate collector himself.  If your looking for that special item, check out Dave’s great website.


This site is run by my  good  friend  Olof  Janson.   If you are interested in historic arms this is a great site.   There  is  even  a  large  section on the F-S knife which I am proud to say I have on occasion contributed to.

Gothia Arms Historical Society

I am proud to be one of the founding members and a moderator for  this  site,  which  I  believe is the best knife forum on the web. Visit this site, sign up and meet some of the finest gentlemen you are likely to encounter in the collecting community.

Military Knives & Dagger of the World

Ron Flook’s Military & Antique Knives

Ron’s knowledge and expertise on all things knife related is well profound.  He has also written some of he most important books on this topic.  His new website is a must visit.
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