The hunting knife is very interesting and possibly unique.  A number of details are of interest but by far the most significant is the stamping to the tang of the number 30946 - 8.  This numbering has been seen before but only on First Pattern F-S knives!  The 30946 has been speculated to be a stores number of some sort (?) the 8 however is clearly an individual number unique to the knife in question.  All others also appear to have a unique ‘serial’ number (only number less than 500 have been observed).  We know that the Commando training schools were short of knives and obtaining a number of commercial hunting knives to ‘fill the gap’.  It appears that this knife is one of those and with the low number of  8  is suggestive that this was a very early ‘Commando’ knife. Both knives carry the initials JD, scratched into the front part of the leather scabbard and sheath respectively.  The hunting knife also has other identifying markings including the stamp of  DIX into the front of the belt loop.

The interesting First Pattern shown here belonged to Jimmy Dix of No3 Commando, however as we can see this was not the only knife that belonged to this early Commando, as also shown is his Sheffield hunting knife by William Rodgers.  Although the association of both of these knives to Jimmy Dix is of interest, each knife in its own right shows details that are both fascinating and historically very significant. If one looks closely at the First Pattern there are some details that elevate this beyond the standard knife.  Note the unusual Wilkinson etching panel only seen on a handful of First Pattern knives.  Equally as rare is the exaggerated ‘S’ curve of the cross-guard which is indicative of a first production knife.

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