So let’s start by stating the obvious, this is not in the best of condition, however this well used First Pattern still has a lot going for it and is an important knife in its own right.  The blade shows a length of 6⅜” and has lost a small part of the tip.  The blade is still straight and solid and could be sharpened for a more sympathetic profile if desired.  Lots of age staining covers the blade but both etchings are still relatively clearly and very readable.  The knife overall is very solid and strong.  The pommel nut is totally correct, original and un-tampered with.  Importantly this is one of the rare numbered knives, with 30946 stamped clearly on one side and a very low individual serial number of 40 cleanly stamped on the other.  According to my research, there are only 23 numbered examples known and this at number 40 is one of the lowest. 

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