Out of the three basic types of Wilkinson Second Pattern one is likely to see, this Type III version with the blued hilt and polished blade most often.  Aside from the blade being polished there are no significant changes to the design.  By the numbers that are found this Type III version was clearly the most prolifically produced, although finding one in nice, original condition can still be somewhat of a challenge.  The contrast of a blued hilt and polished blade makes for a very appealing knife indeed.  This is enhanced by the etching which clearly stand out in relief against the polished blade.  Of interest too is that many personally etched banners can also be found on this type, making for an interesting study. 

From a developmental point of view the Type III Second Pattern had no significant changes to the design.  However from a collectors point of view, this can be one of the most interesting knives to study due to the many differences in etching and also (perhaps more so than previous versions) the subtle differences that can be seen, especially in blade size and profile.

Etchings are one of the real joys in collecting the Wilkinson F-S knife.  The Type III, especially and is a feast for the eyes as the combination of the blued hilt and polished blade serve to grandstand the etching panels to perfection.  Below are some very fine example of both the standard F-S and W-S etching panels.  Although many examples are found with faded etchings, often due to cleaning, sharpening or polishing, the examples shown here are as pristine and untouched as one could hope to find.  Note the very subtle differences between the etchings on the top knife as opposed to the one at bottom.

As previously mentioned, aside from the standard etching this Type III knife is noted for the high quantity (relatively speaking) of examples that can be found with personal etched panels or banners on the blade.  Below are just a few examples.  Of course the personal details are unique but also note the difference in style of banner that can be found.  For more details on the etching process please see The Etched Blade in the main navigation bar and for more details regarding personal etching again look to the main navigation bar for The Etched F-S Register.

The panel at left shows an original etching sheet prior to being cut-up and used to apply the acid etching.  Each individual panel bears the marks of a specific etching block (right).  This accounts for the minor differences in detail between many etchings and shown in the above photographs.

© R. Wilkinson-Latham

© R. Wilkinson-Latham

The example shown below is as fine an example as one is likely to find.  Although both knife and scabbard are a little more interesting than the normal Type III.  The scabbard has an early round bottomed chape usually found on Type I knives.  Also the sharp eyed amongst you may notice the pommel nut is the rare blind ‘spigot’ style.

This fine example is in unused condition and is certainly the exception.  With its blued hilt and polished blade it makes for a striking example of the classic F-S Knife.

The exceptional knife at left is a fine example of just how interesting a Type III can be.  Not only does the blade carry a personal etching but the form of the etching is completely unique and thought to have been a one-off creation by the master etcher.  If this were not enough, the grip is the seldom seen ‘button’ pommel style.  Two features which on their own would be an interesting find but put together give a unique and wonderfully interesting example of the Type III Second Pattern F-S Knife.

Example No1

Example No2

The four images above show closeups of the etching panels on two Type III knives.  If one looks closely and compares the etchings from example No1 to example No2 very minor differences in detail can be detected.  This indicates the etching  originated from different etching blocks.

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The Type III

Wilkinson Second Pattern F-S - Type III

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